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Some may have been confused over the Ruger name, thinking the pistol was a 22 caliber Luger, but the .50 price beat the pants off any other rimfire pistol on the market.Far from being a detriment, the Germanic styling gave the pistol a flair that was quickly assimilated into the American shooting culture.Even though the standard .22 Long Rifle loads don’t produce a terrible report, I appreciate the subsonic rounds, not just for their quiet attributes, but for applications where I don’t want to alarm the neighborhood with the sound of gun fire.Rogue red squirrels that chew holes in the shed, renegade woodchucks and rabbits that destroy the garden I've worked so hard to plant, and the nefarious skunks that prowl the night, just waiting to spray my dogs; all have fallen victim to the subsonic .22 LR cartridge. Aguila Sniper Subsonic I found these in a gunshop, maybe a decade ago or so, and was immediately intrigued.The bolt in the Ruger Mark III pistol travels entirely within a steel receiver on which the sights are rigidly mounted for consistent accuracy.

Aguila’s SSS ammo will definitely ruin a garden pest’s day.The receiver was secured atop a grip frame that was reminiscent of a Luger.The bullet exited a tapered barrel that further enhanced the Luger likeness.Winchester’s M22 Subsonic Using a 45-grain round-nose lead bullet at a muzzle velocity of 1,090 fps (my chronograph showed an average of 1,050 fps from my Ruger), the Winchester M22 Subsonic load offers all the accuracy of the M22 line, but in a quiet and efficient package.I didn’t have the opportunity to use these with a suppressor—both suppressors and fun are illegal in New York State, and I believe smiling may be a misdemeanor—but they were plenty quiet.Browning) approached a young financier named Alex Sturm with a prototype of a new .22 rimfire semi-auto pistol. Hatcher, then Technical Director for the NRA, brought the innovative new .22 to the attention of the American gun buyer as a fine, reliable little .22 that could be had at a very economical price. began a journey that would lead to the company becoming the largest and most respected manufacturer of sporting firearms in the U. Almost unheard-of in the manufacturing industry was (and is) Rugers practice of corporate growth through reinvestment of earnings.


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