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“‘The hard drive i Pod people were gone for a long time, when we issued the last update for the i Pod classic firmware,’ we were told by our contacts within Apple. As with displays, there’s one less thing binding users to / reminding users of Apple.

‘Just because the hardware guys have moved on to other things, doesn’t mean we won’t support the software.'” Read more in the full article here. If Apple management thinks that’s a good thing, they’ve got a collective pentalobe screw loose.

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Improve your Wi-Fi router, Airport Extreme’s performance, Connectivity by updating firmware manually on Mac OS X.

Apple has released their Air Port Wi-Fi base stations couple of years ago.

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“On Tuesday, Apple released versions 7.6.8 for the 802.11n Air Port Extreme, and 7.7.8 for the 802.11ac Air Port Extreme,” Wuerthele writes.Specifically, the update:● Fixes an issue which may prevent communication between clients on the same network● Improves performance with an extended guest network● Addresses potential naming conflicts with Bonjour Sleep Proxy Apple also released firmware update 7.7.7 for 802.11ac Air Port Extreme and Air Port Time Capsule base stations with the same fixes.You can update the firmware of your base station using the Airport Utility app on i OS or OS X.This facility is called the Air Play and the Air Port base stations can very well execute this feature.However, the updates on Apple Air Port devices were not making a sight for quite a long period of time.Based on Airport Router/Base station’s generation, your firmware must be different version and Compatible OS X then other.


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