Updating the meade etx rom

No more checking your watch, looking up site coordinates or fiddling with the keypad to enter the date, time, latitude and longitude.Star GPS uses a single cable to connect your telescope to the GPS receiver and automatically input these values... This page provides information from Meade and users on the Meade Auto Star, Audio Star, cables, and the Auto Star updater software.See the Auto Star Feedback page for other Auto Star user comments.Star Patch uses your Windows PC to perform a one-time, quick and easy installation that reprograms the handset to accept raw GPS data.You can then connect the GPS to your telescope, turn the scope on, and watch as the handset displays incoming GPS data including time, number of satellites and signal strength as shown below.

For fully automatic tracking a table tripod, or the # 883 Deluxe Field Tripod, may be added, allowing for polar alignment of the telescope.Clay's Meade Auto Star Updating Guide (11/06/02) Asteroid Orbital Elements made (far) Easier (7/27/02) How to use the 3.x Updater (04/10/03) How to use the Updater: Manipulating Libraries (01/12/02) Undocumented Feature of ASU 3.0 (10/27/01) Auto Star Updater and Windows2000 fix (7/21/01) #494 ROM versions (7/21/01) Auto Star Control - Starry Night Backyard (7/12/01) Auto Star Control from Windows (05/08/01) GOTO Moon Features (9/15/03) "Expired" Elements (03/31/01) Auto Star 2.1ek Bug List (02/5/01) Auto Star Updater 2.3 Bug List (01/29/01) Loading 2.1ek with A2.1 (01/27/01) What's New in the 2.1ek update (01/01/01) Auto Star Errors (09/6/00) Windows2000, Linux, Free BSD (02/28/01) Auto Star Software Information (08/10/99) Auto Star Proc Traps (04/18/00) Satellite TLE Extractor (Windows) (12/04/02) Drag and Drop using Auto Star application (03/15/00) Auto Star Command Set (12/14/00) LX200 Commands and Auto Star (06/11/01) Star Patch: Update/Patch Auto Star (Windows) (02/04/12) Update Auto Star using a Mac (02/11/05) Auto Star X (Auto Star Updater for Mac OS X) (11/08/11) Lin_Auto Star (Auto Star Updater for Linux) (03/04/05) Auto Star III Downloads (Meade site) (12/06/09) Auto Star #497 Downloads (Meade site) (04/08/13) Auto Star Software Archive (unofficial) (04/08/13) Alignment Tips Current ETX Models Alignment (10/09/12) Compass Alignment Tip (08/28/11) Alignment Summary (02/23/07) Which Star is Brightest?(10/04/06) Improving DSX goto accuracy (12/17/05) Accurate Alignment without GPS (02/15/05) Polar Home Position w/Graphic (02/20/04) Polar Home Position for Southern Observers (01/31/04) Daytime Alignment Tip (08/19/03) Auto Star Accuracy Tests (03/22/02) Thoughts on Training (06/19/09) Easy Polar Alignment (PDF; 572K) (08/11/01) Polar Alignment by Iterating (PDF) (04/09/01) Quick "Align" with the Auto Star (01/04/01) More Auto Star Alignment Tips (02/16/01) Southern Hemisphere Alignment Tips (11/3/00) Polar Alignment Tips (02/24/01) Auto Star Altitude/Azimuth HOME Position (08/23/00) Auto Star Alignment and GOTO Tips (04/9/00) ETX and Auto Star Alignment Tips (12/11/99) Database Information Brian King's Double Stars by Constellation (01/15/04) Update on Double Stars data (11/04/03) Auto Star Double Stars (11/15/02) v2.3Eb Star Database (01/16/02) More on Auto Star Stars (11/09/01) #497 Alignment Stars (09/04/01) Abbeviations Used in the Auto Star (08/12/01) What's in the Auto Star? (08/12/01) #494 Alignment Stars (09/15/02) #494 Database Info (06/06/01) Bulk Deletions (01/16/01) Auto Star Database Editing (01/13/01) More Auto Star Database Information (08/12/01) Auto Star Database Information (09/15/00) Cable Information Cleaning Connectors (03/12/13) RJ Connector Info (02/12/12) Another #506 Cable Tip (10/22/10) Clone Cable and Cloning (09/04/10) Star Patch Cable (11/04/09) #506 Cable Connector Info (01/12/09) Auto Star #497 HBX cable (09/23/08) 494 Aux bus (506 replacement) demystified (04/30/08) my SKY serial cable (12/06/07) Auto Star Cable Problems (08/22/05) Reconnecting internal Auto Star connector (07/06/05) Computer Connection Warning! Neither the submitter nor myself are responsible for any damage caused by using any contributed tips.USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi GC Wi-Fi Adapter, Auto Star II App (04/08/13) Android Sky Safari & Sky Fi (06/23/13) Meade USB Cable & Windows 7 (12/31/12) Telescope Control with Sky Safari & Android (06/29/12) Sky Wire Serial Adapter (06/11/11) Sky Fi Wi-Fi Adapter (11/08/10) Auto Star and USB (06/08/10) Bluestar - ETX-70 Cable (02/12/07) Software Showing the LCD Display in Software (08/27/13) Auto Star Suite & Windows 8 (03/12/13) Auto Star & Windows 8 (03/05/13) TLE Converter (Excel) (04/18/12) Myscope and Audio Star (Windows) (09/11/11) v Paddle for Auto Star II (Mac OS X) (09/04/10) Auto Star Serial Protocol (PDF) (03/20/10) Terminal Apps for Serial Port Troubleshooting (02/24/10) Updating Auto Star III with a Mac (10/16/09) Auto Star 497EP Firmware 5BE2 report (08/22/09) Recovering from a Bad Auto Star Download (03/09/09) Some Auto Star Programming Commands (02/12/10) RS-232 Express Card Adapter (07/04/08) Pocket PC TLE to Auto Star Code (04/20/08) Pocket PC Software (11/13/07) Freeing Up Com Ports (09/07/07) Auto Star offset arrows (09/28/06) Set Date/Time from Pocket PC (09/16/06) Brief Report on Version 4.0Ef (02/03/06) Auto Star READMEs (04/17/07) Auto Star RESET from Software (07/14/05) Auto Star Menus (07/25/05) PEC Data Editor/Viewer (09/01/05) Info Genie Plugin (Mac) (02/26/04) 3.0 Post Bleep Refinement, Dance and Drift (11/30/03) Astro Planner and the Auto Star (06/04/04) Scope Driver and the Auto Star (11/04/03) Auto Star II 1.5 Startup Steps (03/31/03) Auto Star & Your Computer (web pages) (02/16/03) Auto Star & Your Computer (Power Point, 5.8MB) (02/09/03) Auto Star commands (12/15/02) ISS TLEs (12/11/02) Dr.Meade soft-padded carry bags are well-suited to travel with the ETX-90EC Astro Telescope.


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