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Research has found that as many as half of all workers say they don't know their organization's high level goals.

Further, more than half of all workers say don't clearly understand their own goals.

The draftsman then produces the revised renderings.

Educational institutions that train draftsmen typically maintain a career services office to help graduates find work.

A draftsman turns ideas into detailed plans for the engineering, manufacturing or construction industries.

Typically using computer design and drafting software, draftsmen produce technical drawings to serve as a visual guide during manufacturing or building.

Work planning sets the stage for programme implementation A work plan is a document that specifies and represents a justice reform programme’s main activities/tasks, their sequence, timing and who will have responsibility for them The following steps are usually involved when developing a work plan (New Zealand Aid Programme, 2011): Sample Work Plan In planning for a justice sector reform initiative in former Soviet Union countries, The Advocates for Human Rights planned that one programme component would be a three-day training on monitoring implementation of laws.

The training was designed to provide information to advocates and legal system personnel from 10 countries on strategies and techniques for monitoring the implementation of new domestic violence laws by police, prosecutors, judges and other agencies.

For example, the national ADDA sponsors industry events and publications, while local chapters provide employment resources.

The HR Toolkit offers information and tools to help organizations revise existing job descriptions or develop new ones.

These tools include a job description template, job profiles of some common staff positions in nonprofit organizations along with sample job descriptions from nonprofit organizations.

A job description is a basic HR management tool that can help to increase individual and organizational effectiveness.

The HR Council has developed job profiles for key positions in small organizations that are available for you to use and adapt for your own use.


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